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Plants by Design provides living green plants to your indoor or outdoor office space. We are dedicated to reliable and efficient plant care services, mainly serving the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. We offer superior products, integrity in design services and sustainable green practices.

Plants by Design implemented sustainability practices a number of years ago.  In the fall, we take our organic plant waste to a compost site located next to a landfill.  It was a real eye opener to see how much the landfill grew from year to year.  After seeing first-hand the evidence of society’s waste, we asked how we can do things differently. We have not only implemented green practices but also recycle and use water conservation practices in our daily operations.


ETHNOBOTANY is the discipline regarding human interactions with plants.  The study reaches across natural and social sciences. Ethnobotanists aim to document, describe and explain complex relationships between cultures and (uses of) plants, focusing primarily on how plants are used, managed and perceived across human societies.

The Sustainable Choice

Healthier Workspaces

The workforce is an organization's greatest asset.  We spend 90% of our time indoors. Doesn’t it make sense to create our interiors in a healthy way, both aesthetically and practically?

What role does our environment play with our health and well-being?  Research (evidence-based design) is showing that Nature is a cure for common chaos in our workspace and/or health care facilities.

Living plants enhance an office environment. In the lobby, they brighten the space, creating a warmer, welcoming area for your clients and guests. Place plants at each workstation, in the conference room, to brighten up a corner, and create a happier environment in the break room. We take care of all the maintenance for your plants, so you can relax and just enjoy them year-round.

Plants are our host here on earth—without their ability to create oxygen our supply would be dramatically different.


What do living plants do for our for our interior spaces?


What do colorful well- designed flower beds do for our exterior spaces?



  • Make the visual space more interesting
  • Bring a human element to your business
  • Create a sense of place by bringing our eyes
    and body to rest
  • Absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen
  • Increase the humidity during our dry winters
  • Improve our indoor air quality (NASA study)


  • Distinguish your landscape
  • Create a sense of place and taste
  • Bring color into our lives
  • Help Nature's pollinators
  • Create a new design every year for variety
  • Eye catching as one drives by your building







Winner of the Best Window Box Award from the City of Minneapolis in 2012.





Plants by Design Inc is a Member of:

  • USGBC—United States Green Build Council
  • GPGB—Green Plants for Green Buildings