Interior Landscapes —bring nature into your office or commercial building

Our commitment is to provide our clients with an inviting, and healthier work atmosphere.

We accomplish this goal by introducing living green plants to your office space.  Plants provide you with cleaner air, soften architectural lines, and bring a bit of nature to your work environment.

We are dedicated to reliable and efficient plant care services, superior products, integrity in design services and quality employee relationships.

Would you go to a doctor that has sick or fake plants in their lobby?  Living plants create a healthy workplace for your office and/or building.  We have several maintenance programs to fit your needs.

Lease/Maintenance Program:

Lease your plants with a weekly guaranteed maintenance program.

Purchase/Maintenance Program:

Purchase your plant materials with a weekly guaranteed maintenance program.



We select each plant and all materials based on leaf texture, overall form of the plants and light levels.  Not only are plants a visual statement, the containers have become an important design element as well.

Decorative Containers

The selection of containers takes into consideration your space and budget.

Seasonal Plantings

We change your interior planters to reflect the Seasons.

Color Rotations Offered

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Potted Flowering Plants
  • Bromeliads