Plants by Design provides living green plants to your indoor or outdoor office space.

We are the Twin Cities leader in design, installation, and maintenance management for interior plants, living walls, exterior plazas and holiday decor for commercial clients.
For nearly three decades, our experienced staff has been committed to providing best-in-class customer service and quality through high standards of excellence in product, service, maintenance, and customer relations.

Plants by Design implemented sustainability practices a number of years ago. In the fall, we take our organic plant waste to a compost site located next to a landfill. It was a real eye opener to see how much the landfill grew from year to year. After seeing first-hand the evidence of society’s waste, we asked how we can do things differently. We have not only implemented green practices but also recycle and use water conservation practices in our daily operations.


is the discipline regarding human interactions with plants. The study reaches across natural and social sciences. Ethnobotanists aim to document, describe and explain complex relationships between cultures and (uses of) plants, focusing primarily on how plants are used, managed and perceived across human societies.
Our Services

How we do it

The best way to predict the future is to design it.  Sustainability and a green approach ensure resources for future generations.

Experienced Biophilic Design

Our team of experienced designers are ready to assist you in planning your interior solution; Uplifting your property and workspace!

Efficient Installation

Our service team will coordinate delivery and installation to coincide with your schedule. Our plant-sourcing and staging techniques ensure optimal health of the plants for the long term.

Worry-free Maintenance

Our team of horticulture experts will proactively manage your landscape — caring for plants and making suggestions to continually maintain its intent.

Plant Storage

Rest assured, we will store the holiday decorations we install for the next season's decor!

Excellent Customer Service

With nearly three decades of experience, we’ve earned our superior reputation for service excellence. We pride ourselves in gaining our client’s trust and loyalty. Our priority is to provide you with an exceptional experience.

We Care

We are always thinking of sustainability and how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our resources.

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