Holiday Décor​

Minnesota winters mean saying goodbye (for now) to exterior flowering plants and hello to fragrant boughs and holiday decorations.
Shine a beacon of light on a dark winter’s day

Our winterscapes packages include:

  • Christmas trees, classic or modern
  • Festive wreaths and poinsettias
  • Ornamental set pieces for entries, atriums, and halls
  • Garlands and lighting
Start fresh or re-imagine existing décor
We can procure all décor or arrange and install existing materials your business owns. We can also store décor or set items between seasons.

Working Process

  • 1. Access
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Install
  • 4. Care
  1. Assess: We’ll kick off with a call to discuss your goals and timeline, followed by a site observation and needs assessment.
  2. Design: We’ll create a proposal outlining the plants, containers, and design we recommend, along with our service plan. We’ll refine the proposal based on your input.
  3. Install: We’ll manage the installation from start to finish so you can focus on running your business.
  4. Care: We’ll provide regular maintenance to keep the plants alive and thriving, including plant rotation and replacement as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with medium and large companies, colleges and universities, and government entities.

Our points of contact are typically office managers, administrative assistants, and other people who are responsible for keeping their office interiors and exteriors fresh and appealing to employees and clients.
Our technicians make site visits (usually once a week) to care for the plants and ensure they look their best. Their care usually includes a mixture of watering, pruning, fertilizing, and pest prevention. When a plant exhausts its lifespan, which is the nature of living plants, we’ll handle ordering, re-potting or replanting, and composting.
We recommend that you reach out at least six weeks before you need plants installed.

It generally takes about two weeks to get through the initial phone call site visit, and proposal. The pace after that is up to you. Once we have signed a contract, generally it takes us about four weeks to get all the materials in hand.
We are focused on designing, installing, and maintaining interior and exterior plantscapes.

We are not the biggest company with the most service offerings; we are the locally owned company with a laser focus on providing the highest quality living plants and care for your commercial property.

We also provide short-term rentals for events and conferences. Read about our plant rentals services.